The world's first Bedouin youth village

Israel's Youth Village Model

Israeli youth villages accelerate education by immersing students in a supportive environment. Students live alongside staff, classmates, and older students, who serve as mentors and role models. Youth villages educate holistically, blending formal and informal education to nurture students' natural talents, foster their intellect, and promote healthy cognitive, social, and emotional development.

At the Desert Stars Youth Village, the students will develop self-confidence and life skills through a quality education that prepares them for the 21st century workplace. They will achieve fluency in Hebrew, develop effective communication skills, make friends from other tribes, and explore their identity as Bedouin Israelis.

The Desert Stars Youth Village will allow us to achieve our mission for a strong and egalitarian Israeli society. At the youth village, we will be able to create a transformative educational experience and reach many more promising students, ensuring a large, active, and effective network of Bedouin leaders.

Youth Village Programs & Facilities:

Desert Stars Leadership School, grades 7-12
Incubator for Leadership
Sports Facilities
Graduate Center
Dining Hall
Health Clinic
Management Offices
Staff Housing
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The Desert Stars Youth Village is in the final planning stages. We expect to begin construction in 2019 on sixty dunams of land. We invite you to join us in building a home for our leaders.

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