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A groundbreaking Bedouin leadership

that unites the Negev
.and strengthens Israeli society

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About Us

Desert Stars is building a generation of Bedouin leaders to promote a thriving Bedouin community and a strong Israeli society. We empower mission-driven young people to realize their individual and collective potential as change-making leaders.

Our leadership and academic programs engage talented youth and young adults from tribes across the Negev:

Forsan Al Sahra - Youth Movement (12-18)

Desert Stars Leadership High School (ages 14-18)

Rawafed Empowerment Center (ages 14-18)

Incubator for Leadership and Entrepreneurship
(ages 18-19)

Raidat Leadership Program for Women (ages 20+)

Desert Stars Alumni Program (ages 20+)

פעילות כוכבי המדבר
The Situation Today

Adults with a Post-Secondary Degree

Women Who Work

Average Monthly Income Per Capita

Negev Population


Jewish Israelis


Bedouin Israelis

We believe in community-led change that reflects community needs, values, traditions, and heritage.
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