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Jewish, Arab cofounders of Desert Stars win peace prize

2023 IIE Goldberg Prize goes to Mohammed Alnabari and Matan Yaffe for fostering a new generation of cross-tribal Bedouin leadership.


Desert Stars Empowers Young Bedouins in the Negev

Desert Stars offers a more than 10 year course of educational programming: a service-based youth movement, unique Leadership High School, gap year leadership programs for both men and women and an extensive alumni program.


Welcoming mini-revolutions, one by one

We often forget that so much real change happens on the micro level – that we are in fact surrounded by mini-revolutions, many of which we don’t notice at the time. To gain a sense  of these mini-revolutions, we can consider what is happening in girl’s education around the globe. And one easy place to find them is at the gap year program called Project Raidat...

Young Bedouin’s visit to Bay Area shows what this Israeli NGO can do

The Jewish New

Samy Ashwi looks like a typical Israeli millennial. He wears a closely cropped beard, has thick brown eyebrows and wears fitted, European-cut clothes. At an April 30 fundraising event, he mingled comfortably over wine and cheese with fellow Israelis at a sprawling, modern estate in Los Altos Hills.

Out Of The Desert: How Leadership Education Is Helping A Tribal Society Integrate And Develop


For several centuries, Bedouin tribes have been living as nomads in the Negev Desert in the south of Israel. In recent times, their now 300,000 members have been making the challenging transition from a nomadic lifestyle to an urban one, while struggling to establish roots in a difficult environment.

For the First Time, Young Bedouin Say: "Don't Vote by Family or Tribe"

In traditional and tribal-based communities like that of the Negev Bedouin, it takes courage to break voting patterns. Today, for the first time during municipal elections, young Bedouin urge friends: "Don't waste your voice, vote your mind."

Spotlight on the South: The People Making the Negev Shine Brighter


Meet the founders of Desert Stars: Muhammad Alnabari, Head of Hura Local Council, and Matan Yaffe, a descendent of Palmach fighters. This is the story of two men—two revolutionaries—who were not supposed to meet. But against all odds, the pair founded the non-profit Desert Stars five years ago.

First Youth Village for Bedouin Leaders

xnet | ynet

A modern youth village where 600 promising students from Negev tribes will grow into leaders. Planned for the Beit Kama junction, the village will be an enviable addition to the area. Keep reading to learn about the village's design and curriculum.

One Society, One Future

Mako – Good News: Activism & Good Deeds

"We share one society and one future. If life is hard for my neighbors, my life is impacted as well," said Matan Yaffe, founder of the non-profit organization Desert Stars. After he was attacked in the desert, he decided it was time to take action. Since then, he has established a high school, an extended school-day program, a network for program graduates, and soon a youth village in order to develop a young Bedouin leadership. All that, he accomplished in five years.

Bedouin Students Pave the Way for Future Community Leadership


Nurhan and Bisan study at a school for leadership operated by the non-profit organization Desert Stars, located at the Joe Alon Center on Kibbutz Lahav.

The girls' stories are part of the organization's broader efforts to better conditions for the Bedouin community.

Meet the Young Man Who Dreams of Founding the First Bedouin Youth Movement

MyNet Beer Sheva

Diab Alghlban, 22, from Ar'ara BaNegev decided that the time had come to found the first youth movement for the Negev Bedouin. So he joined the Desert Stars program, which trains young leaders like himself. Diab says, "It's better to take action than to wallow in self-pity."

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