Desert Stars
Board of Directors

Board Chair

Dr. Mohammed Alnabari

Dr. Alnabari, head of Hura Local Municipality since 2004, has pioneered new approaches for advancing and promoting the Negev Bedouin community. In addition to his instrumental work with Desert Stars, Dr. Alnabari is actively involved with several social enterprises and non-profits. Formerly, Dr. Alnabari led the research and development team at Agis Industries (now Perrigo). He holds a Ph.D. in the chemical synthesis of natural materials (Ben Gurion University), an M.A. in Organic Chemistry (Hebrew University), and a B.A. in Organic Chemistry (Hebrew University).

Board Member

Dr. Hasan Elkaid

Dr. Elkaid, a specialist in family medicine, manages a medical clinic in the Bedouin town of Kuseife. He holds an B.S. in Civil Engineering (Sami Shamoon College of Engineering).

Board Member

Nasooh Al-Sana

Mr. Al-Sana is the founder and CEO of Z.N. Engineering and Construction Ltd. He also co-founded "Afaq", the first Bedouin business forum, and is he first Bedouin businessperson to establish a social fund to support projects in the Bedouin community. Mr. Alsana is active in building Arab-Jewish business partnerships. He holds a B.S. in Civil Engineering from Sami Shamoon College of Engineering.

Board Member

Itzik Zivan

Mr. Zivan is the CEO of Al-Sanabel, a catering business that employs and empowers Bedouin women. He is also the co-owner of Zivtex Ltd., a global apparel supplier. Mr. Zivan is a former vice president of Pex Ltd. and former division CEO at Delta Textiles. He holds a B.S. Computer Science (Technion Institute of Technology).

Board Member

Elisha Kra

Mr. Kra is active in multiple educational organizations in the Negev. Mr. Kra is a former vice president of Cal, a major Israeli credit card company, and has served in the Prime Minister's Office. He holds an MBA (Ben Gurion University), a B.A. in Logistics (Bar Ilan University).

Board Member

Kher Elbaz

Mr. Elbaz is the co-executive director of AJEEC-NISPED, a non-profit dedicated to Arab-Jewish partnership. He is also the manager of Segev Shalom's Social Services Department. Mr. Elbaz holds an MBA (Haifa University), an M.A. in Social Policy Planning (WLU, Canada), and a B.A. in Social Work (Ben Gurion University).

Board Member

Adel Mtalka

Mr. Mtalka, owner of a security company, has 20 years of teaching experience as a civics instructor. Mr. Mtalka is an active supporter of educational initiatives and projects that benefit the Bedouin community. He holds a bachelor's degree in law.

Board Member

Dr. Muhammad Abu Tailakh

Dr. Tailakh heads the nursing research unit at Soroka University Medical Center and lectures at the Leon and Mathilde Recanati School for Community Health Professions​ at Ben Gurion University. His specialty is epidemiology, with an emphasis on chronic disease and transcultural epidemiology in Israel's south. He holds a PhD, a master's in public health, and a nursing degree.

Board Member


Maj. Gen. Ronny Numa commanded the IDF’s Central Command during one of the most difficult periods in Israel’s history that became known as the “knife intifada”.  Numerous terror attacks were carried out in a wave of violence in 2015/16 but they were quickly contained, under Maj. Gen Numa’s expert command, whilst sensitively navigating national and political interests.   Numa, who was drafted in 1985, completed active duty in 2018 after commanding a number of elite IDF units such as Duvdevan and Shaldag. Throughout his career, he also commanded the Benjamin Brigade, the Nahal Brigade, the infantry’s National Training Center and the Joint Command—Israel’s main command for strategic joint operations in the heart of enemy territory.  Maj. Gen. Numa was a pillar of  command during numerous IDF operations and wars.

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